Vial Filling Machine R&D Lab Model

Vial Filling Machine R&D Lab Model

Vial Filling Machine R&D Lab Model consist of filling, stoppering and cap sealing operations combined on single platform. Filling operation can be offer either with piston pump or through peristaltic pump. Monoblock type design with option of half stoppering for lye/free drying vials. Contact areas made from Stainless Steel 316L, or FDA approved materials for cGMP compliance.

Lab Scale Vial Filler having automatic or manual stoppering operation as per budget requirements of end user.


Small Vial Filling Machine Video


Salient Features of Vial Filling Machine Lab Model

  • Small footprint machine.
  • cGMP adherence.
  • Piston pump or peristaltic pump filling options.
  • 2ml to 250ml vials and 13mm, 20mm & 28mm stopper & caps.
  • Attached infeed rotating table for auto loading of vials.
  • Option of half bunging for lye/freeze drying vials.
  • All contact areas made of SS316L materials for autoclave operations.
  • Filling Accuracy of ± 1% depending upon liquid characteristics and environmental conditions.
  • Built in Rubber Stoppering System.
  • Various safety features including Clutch system for Vial Breakage.
  • IQ/OQ validation protocol can be provided.
  • PLC system with Graphical User Interface can be offered.
  • Inbuilt Laminar Air Flow can be offered for sterile class 100 filling.

Working Principle
of Small Vial Filler

Empty vials are fed through the in-feed turn table and suitably guided on the moving Delrin slat conveyor belt at the required speed of the correct placement below filling unit.

Filling unit consists of filling head, syringe & nozzle uses for filling. Syringe is made of Stainless Steel 316L construction. A Star Wheel is provided which holds the vial during filling operation. A sensor is provided for ”No Vial-No Filling” operation. Syringe is mounted on eccentric block & driving through bottom main gear box. Volume can be increased & decreased by adjusting stroke length of piston. Syringe is having non return valve for sucking & delivering situation to avoid volume variation. Liquid reaches to filling nozzles through silicon transparent pipe. Nozzle having up & down movement with help of cam mechanism, and it go down when starwheel hold the vial and starts fill when it starts to move up. After completion of filling operation, starwheel delivers vial on stoppering unit for rubber stoppering operation. The sterilized & siliconized rubber stoppers stored in the vibrator bowl moves vertically to the rubber stopper chute. Vials are hold firmly by starwheel, which rotate in continuous rotary motion. Vials coming from filling unit move in rotary direction along with starwheel, during movement it picks up the rubber stopper from the exit end of the chute & rubber stopper get pressed by fix spring loaded single pressing roller.


Duly Stoppered Vials are delivered to sealing unit through same starwheel. Aluminium caps are kept in vibratory bowl automatically oriented in right direction before entering the delivery chute. Vial during its rotation movement picks up aluminum seal from the retaining finger of delivery chute & correctly position on the vial before entering sealing turret. Vials now moves on the spring-loaded sealing platform, where free spinning sealing rollers moves gradually inside to complete the sealing operation during rotational movement of sealing platform turret. Now sealed vials are transferred to exit starwheel pocket & further moves out on to the flat conveyor belt for further labeling operations.

Technical Specification
of Pilot Batch Vial Filler



Production Output

Up to 20 vials/minute

Vial Size

2ml to 100ml

Filling Accuracy

±1% to the filling volume

Power Load

1 H. P.

Overall Dimension

2300mm (L) x 900mm (W) x 1680mm (H) approx.

Net Weight

300 kgs. approx.

Gross Weight

450 kgs. approx.

* Power voltage can be adjusted as per customer’s domestic power voltage requirements.
* Rights of technical improvements & modification reserved.
* Illustrations & dimensions are shown for information purpose only.


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