Milk Powder Production Line

Milk Powder Production LineMilk Powder Production Line (milk powder filling line) including milk powder packaging line consist of air jet cleaning, liquid filling, capping and labeling machines. All machines aligned together to work as one complete system. Conveyors of machines connected with each other for untouched automatic operations hence it is also called Automatic Milk Powder Complete Packaging Line.

Our range consist Semi-Automatic Milk Powder Line as well as Automatic Milk Powder Line. We are giving here below detail information of each individual machine in this line:

Airjet and Vacuum Machine

Automatic Airjet Cleaning Machine or bottle air & vacuum cleaning machine is compact and highly efficient machine with elegant look. This multi featured machine meets the GMP requirements of clean glass and plastic bottles & Jars for non-sterile products like Dry Syrup, Bulk Packing for Tablets & Capsules etc and found a method of cleaning each individual Bottle/Jar by air jet & vacuum. All contact parts are made from Stainless Steel 316L, or FDA approved materials for cGMP compliance.

Milk Powder Filling Machine

Milk Powder Filling Machine or milk powder packaging machine is powder filler suitable to fill milk powder into PET/glass bottles. Filler suitable to fill up to 120 containers per minute depending on Powder Fill Volume, Type of Powder, Bottle Diameter and Bottle Neck Diameter.

Bottle Capping Machine

Bottle Capping Machine or bottle capper is specially constructed in Stainless Steel finish including M.S. frame structure with Stainless Steel Cladding/Enclosures. ROPP Bottle Cap Sealing Machine is equipped with Orientation type Cap Feeder for continues feeding of Cap for online operation on any liquid or powder filling line. Machine suitable for various sizes of Bottles as well as ROPP Cap with the help of change parts. ROPP Capping Machine is suitable for application in Pharmaceutical, Food, Pesticides, Chemical, Beverages, Liquor and other packaging industries having lower production requirement with automatic online operation.

Bottle Inspection Machine

Online Bottle Inspection Machine is uses for inspecting liquid vials & bottles. Online Vial & Bottle Inspection Machine is having application in Pharmaceutical, Biotech & Veterinary industry. This equipment consist of three-track conveyor with a hood with lighting arrangement and visual inspection background of alternate black & white color. Inspection table have stainless steel structure with moving stainless steel slat chain. Structure made out of stainless-steel square pipe & supported on adjustable bolts. Machine complies as per GMP standards.

Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine

Bottle Labeling Machine or bottle self-adhesive sticker labeling machine is simple mechanism linear design machine to label bottles, jars, cans, tins & other containers. Bottle labeler can label PET, glass, plastic, aluminium, metal & tin containers. This equipment incorporates modern Micro Processor Control Label Dispensing mechanism with sensing system for Label and Product. Specially designed electronic and mechanical system to apply transparent (No Look) Labels on bottles at very high-speed using optional special label sensing system. Interestingly no change parts/format parts require for changing one size to another size of bottle.

* Power voltage can be adjusted as per customer’s domestic power voltage requirements.
* Rights of technical improvements & modification reserved.
* Illustrations & dimensions are shown for information purpose only.

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