High Shear Mixer Overview, Rapid Mixer Granulator

For wet mixing, homogenizing, granulating, and drying of powder in a range of industries, including as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics, food and beverage, and general mixing, a high shear mixer granulator is utilized. With the help of tried-and-true manufacturing know-how, it provides a controlled and efficient channelized process to achieve product homogeneity, fluidity, and stability through the mechanism of a decreased heat transfer and a clean, sanitary air medium.High Shear Mixer Granulator

The Of A High Shear Granulator Include

  • A mixing drum that is cylindrical or conical
  • An impeller with three blades.
  • Two choppers: a primary chopper and a secondary helicopter
  • A discharge pot with a motor

In high shear granulators, an impeller is used to disperse the granulating fluid and mix the dry powder. Impellers typically rotate at varying speeds. The moist lump is divided into granules using the chopper, which is a component of the high shear granulator. These quick mixer granulators can be used constantly or in batches and are divided into two types: vertical axis and horizontal axis. Due to their capacity to handle challenging feed formulas containing fine cohesive powders and highly viscous binder fluids, they are used in the pharmaceutical industry. An impeller shaft that revolves vertically and blade-like impellers are also characteristics of a vertical high shear granulator. It might be a bottom- or top-driven unit. The shaft of the impeller rotates horizontally in a horizontal high shear granulator.

Advantages Of The High Shear Mixer Granular

  • Numerous benefits are provided by this granulation machine, including:
  • Granulation can be completed in a shorter amount of time with a smaller amount of the binder solution needed.
  • Using a high-shear granulator, the granulation endpoint may be predicted, resulting in consistency and rapid drying.
  • With the aid of an exceptional high shear mixer granulator, reproducible less friable granules with consistent particle size distribution may be produced.
  • As it produces less dust, the Rapid Mixer Granulator (RMG) limits any exposure of workers to medication dust.
  • greater densification and the creation of granules that are less friable.Rapid Mixer Granulator

A high shear granulator’s granulation process is influenced by the following factors:

  • The granulating material’s physical characteristics
  • Excipients utilized, including their kind and number
  • The kind and quantity of the binding agent solution that was employed
  • The wet massing tire, impeller speed, the weight in the granulator bowl, and other factors are process variables.

When buying a quick mixer granulator, the makers of high shear granulators offer information based on various technologies and their uses. Granulation technique is influenced by speed. Evaluation of all machine components, including specification requirements, is also necessary. Several components include:

  • The high-speed mixing and discharge plug for granulation
  • High-precision mixing apparatus
  • The blade angle and the mixing impeller


The High Shear Mixer and Granulator is a device for the efficient and homogenous wet granulation of powders to produce medium to high-density granules with excellent flow and compressibility properties. Granulator Manufacturers’ equipment can be used to combine both dry and wet powders. Each component of it adds to the performance, security, and dependability of the whole. The government periodically sets requirements to make sure they have tight seals to provide safety. They additionally facilitate superior removal and simple cleaning.

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