All About Dry Granulation Line


You can have a few options when choosing a dry granulation line for your application. Adinath International Fluid Bed Granulators, Adinath International High Shear Mixer Granulators, and Adinath International Dry Granulation Lines are a few of the alternatives available. Since these devices will have an impact on the caliber of your finished product, it is crucial to select the proper dryer for your application.


The granulation and drying processes are used by Adinath Dry Granulation Lines to create granules. These lines can be ordered with one or two fluidized bed dryers and one or more high-speed mixers. These systems lessen labor requirements and get rid of contaminants and dust pollution.

By 2028, continuous granulation line sales are anticipated to reach multimillion dollar levels worldwide. For the subsequent six years, it is anticipated to increase at a CAGR of%. The competitive environment for this market is also highlighted, and regional growth potential are examined.

Adinath International control systems can be used to operate single machines or entire fluid bed granulator lines because they are made to be highly versatile. Adinath International systems can be included into integrated systems using a Brand PLC. They also adhere to FDA 21 CFR part 11 regulations.

fluid bed dryer


An essential piece of machinery for making solid preparations is a fluid bed granulator. The device performs drying, mixing, and granulation all at once. A lifting column, conical mill, and vacuum conveying system are further features of the line. The range also includes a top spray granulator that functions as a single granulator.

A probe that was put into the fluid bed was used to test two positions. One was level, and the other was sloping. The slanted position was more likely to cause window fouling during the spraying phase, hence the horizontal position was recommended. Additionally, because sticky particles covered the glass during granulation, the sloped position was more susceptible to particle fouling. Additionally, noise was produced by the sloped position for the first 20 minutes of each granulation batch. The large static electrical charge of the particles throughout the mixing procedure and the particles’ covering the measuring window both contributed to the noise.


Hydrophilic polymers and extremely cohesive materials are dry granulated using high shear mixer granulators. The impeller’s torque and flow rate regulate the granulation process. The effectiveness of the procedure depends on how these variables are balanced. The design of the impeller, which is used in high shear granulators and performs both wet and dry mixing, is a crucial element.

The food, beverage, cosmetic, ink, and glue sectors all employ high shear mixers. They have a lot of characteristics, such as a PLC control system, MCCB, and variable speed. The fine emulsions, dispersions, and agglomerations are produced by the high-shear granulators.


The Fluid Bed Granulator (FBG) from Adinath International is a multifunctional piece of machinery that combines drying and granulation into one unit. The apparatus is heavy-duty, modular, two-bar explosion-proof, and has changeable flow rates. The machine is employed to make pharmaceutical solid dosage forms. Since 1988, it has been in existence.

To create uniform granules with a unimodal particle size distribution, it has a fluid-bed mechanism. Fluid-bed granulation has a high degree of reproducibility and is advantageous in many ways. It permits maximum drying effectiveness and reduces product loss as a result of hot areas. High batch size flexibility is also provided.

The Adinath Fluid Bed Granulator’s capacity to gauge the moisture content of the granules is another benefit. Its NIR spectroscopy technique enables both in-line drying endpoint detection and precise moisture content prediction. Additionally, customers are able to contrast the moisture content of granules across various formulations.


For the correct granulation of medicinal ingredients, high shear mixers are made. Both dry and wet powders can be used with them. These mixers contain additional features to facilitate the granulation process, such as variable speeds and impellers with various blade designs. The most crucial component of a high shear mixer is the impeller, and how it is built will decide how effective it is throughout the granulation process.

A solid dose production line cannot function without a high shear mixer granulator. It creates a uniform granulation from a fine-powder heterogeneous mixture, improving particle size, density, correct flow characteristics, and reproducibility.

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